Pavia University Press

Egea and Pavia University Press have launched a new publishing synergy to face the challenges of the future and continue to grow in a sector that is as competitive as it is rich in opportunities.  The collaboration is aimed at developing the publishing brand of the University of Pavia thanks to the 30-year know-how of the Milanese publishing house, which in turn is expanding its areas of knowledge from the social sciences - in which it has been able to establish itself as a reference point for the Italian scene - to new disciplinary areas.

Pavia University Press has chosen to entrust the management of its brand and activities to Egea in order to enhance its potential, supporting its growth and increasing its visibility. In addition to guaranteeing professional editorial consultancy and managing the entire production process, Egea will ensure a stronger and more widespread presence of Pavia University Press titles on the market, both in physical bookshops and online, thanks to a promotion and distribution network throughout Italy. Also in terms of digital publications, Egea has a long and articulated experience: the collaboration between the two brands will help to meet the challenges imposed by the digital transformation, in a publishing scenario in profound change. 

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