30minutesbook is a series of multimedia books that you can read, watch and listen in 30 minutes; short essays of scientific divulgation, characterized by a simple language that enhances the immediacy of examples taken from everyday life, enriched by videos and animations. 30minutesbooks are available only in a digital format (enhanced pdf or epub3).

The first book of the series is 'Risk and Uncertainty' by Massimo Marinacci

The volume is published by Egea and financed by the Axa Research Fund, a philanthropic initiative launched by the AXA Group in 2008. In the book, Marinacci deals with the issues of uncertainty and risk theory and models, with examples ranging from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers to the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Massimo Marinacci is Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences of Bocconi University and, since 2011, he holds the AXA-Bocconi Chair in Risk. He is currently Head of the Department.

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